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Google Book Hive

Google Book Hive is a plugin for uploading books as a woocommerce product directly from the google books using the google book API key and ISBN number. Bulk upload product at once and set automatic price to it and sell it. Effective for online bookstore and drop shipping business. You can download it from here.

Google Book API key

First of all get your google book API key from this link. put it in the Google API key pages text box and save.

Google Book Hive

Here you can upload a CSV containing the book ISBN data to populate into the woocommerce product. Since all books may not be available at the Google bookstore, In that case after uploading the product a list of the uploaded product will be generated. You can download it and match to check which are not uploaded for manual upload. The sample CSV file structure should be like below:

isbn number quantity stock price sell price
1416580824 2 1500 1100

Upload Book Name

This is just like the previous one but the fact is, this option will give you a chance to upload a CSV by author name and book title along with the price. For upload, the same rule will be applied as previous. The sample CSV file structure should be like below:

author title price
Dan Brown angels & demons 1500

ISBN Single Product

This page is for quick importers who want a single book with price, quantity and other information set for the product. It will upload only a single book in the product section by its ISBN serial number.

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