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How to integrate Zapier with WordPress and MySQL

Zapier is a a great app to connect with all the apps like gmail, facebook, twitter and many more. In a word it can be said that with Zapier one can integrate with hundreds of apps around the web at a time.

Today I am going to share a little bit of my experience about zapier. To use zapier you have to create an account in https://zapier.com/  your account will be free one with 15 days access, but you can buy an account on zapier. But for today we will use an free account to learning purpose.

After login into the zapier you can  see some menu there like Make a Zap, dashboard,Explore etc. Now click on the “Make a Zap!” menu and you will see a window like this below.

Now from the trigger app menu on the left side you have to select an app which will trigger an action. You have to select the trigger the action. For example we can select twitter or wordpress or whatever app we like. Now we can  select wordpress for testing purpose. Now we will choose a trigger action from the bottom of selected menu. Suppose we select the action “New Post”. That means when a new post will create on the wordpress account then  trigger will happen.

Now we have to select  an action app from the right side that will response when the left side trigger app fires. For that reason we have to select from a varieties of app. We can select google spreadsheet or facebook or many more we like. But for testing purpose we will select mysql and this time the action will “New Row”.

Don’t forget to add the mysql data information to be filled. User name, Database Name, Host etc.

Now our system is ready to work. When a wordpress post will create it will be save in our mysql database that we have created.

Now press the continue button. A “Connect to wordpress” will appear click it and fill the required options and click continue.

Like that fill the other options and proceed to continue.

Now you can see that your database tables appeared with fields name on it. You are almost done. Now you just have to select that which data will go to which table field. You can easily select that by the image below.

Now you are done. You can test this zap by click the button. It will save the test data on the database table.Now each time you create a post on WordPress it will save the data on the database.

You can control, manage or update your data from the dashboard menu. All your zaps will be there like this one.

Hope you have enjoyed this one.


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