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Quick Adaptation Tips for Language Switchers

Working with the global market and to cover up the requirements of clients is very challenging nowadays. Lots of companies are ready to grab the clients offer if you are unable to compromise with a very language specific client. Let’s be specific by saying that it’s not a big deal but sometimes it matters. In that case, if you really want to adopt a new language quickly (I assume you know at least one language very well) then you can follow some quick steps or process that is needed in almost every small to a big application. I am not saying you must have to do that, But it personally helped me a lot in quick adaptation. So I want to share this.

Points need to be covered:

  • Data Types (like array, objects, strings etc).
  • Loops.
  • Conditional Statements.
  • Error Debugging.
  • CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete for any database or as you wish).
  • File handling and manipulation.
  • Form data handling and manipulation.
  • Data filtering.
  • Basic OOP Concept(Class, Methods, Objects).
  • Basic MVC structure of that framework (If it is a framework of that language you want to learn).
  • User Authentication (Login, User Verification, Registration etc).
  • List the built in functions that you frequently work with current language and find out the ones in the new one.
  • Build a practical application with the new language. Either a new one or an existing one that you have done before. It will make you a confident one.
  • Keep an eye on the popular topics for that language. (If documentation can do the job then don’t need).

I think this is pretty much to learn or to start with a new language if you are a Language Switcher. Actually, every language is similar to others in a manner, except some syntactical changes or some differences in procedure. So I hope you will not fear and proceed with a new one. Hope this topic helped you a little. Thank you.


I picked PHP and JavaScript as a career start-up and developed a lot of applications using these. Like Management Application, Web Scrapping, Web API, E-Commerce Solutions, Finance Application etc. Outside of my professional life, I also do projects and code for reputation and my personal portfolio.

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