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Save and Retrieve JSON Data From File

Some of us faces problem while saving file to a local file using PHP and retrieving data from it . Sometimes the output data shows null and nothing happens. Recently i have faced a similar problem. So i have decided to share the code with you. it is very simple. it takes data from a form and save the form data into a file in json format. Every time it takes the data when you click input. Then it reads the data from the file and shows in array format. In this code i have used some filtering and some extra code which is not necessary at all, only for test purpose.

 $dataArray = $resultArray = [];
 $filename = 'datafile.bak';
 if (isset($_POST['sendvalue']) && !empty($_POST['question']) && !empty($_POST['answer'])) {
 # code...

 $filter = array(',');
 $filter_question = strtolower(str_replace($filter,'|', $_POST['question']));
 $filter_answer = strtolower(str_replace($filter,'|', $_POST['answer']));
 $dataArray['id'] = sha1(md5(rand(0,9999999999)));
 $dataArray['question'] = $filter_question;
 $dataArray['answer'] = $filter_answer;

$data = json_encode($dataArray);
 $data = $data.',';
 $openfile = fopen($filename, 'a') or die('File Not Open !');
 fwrite($openfile, $data);
 echo 'save complete';
 else {
 echo 'follow the rules';

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
 <meta charset="UTF-8">
 <title><?php echo $dataArray['question']; ?></title>
 <form action="" method="post">
 <p><input type="text" name="question"></p>
 <p><textarea name="answer" rows="10" cols="20"></textarea></p>
 <p><input type="submit" name="sendvalue" value="press this"></p>
 $openfile = fopen($filename, 'r') or die('File Not Open !');
 $filesize = filesize($filename);
 if ($filesize == 0) {
 # code...
 $filesize = 1;
 $filecontent = fread($openfile, $filesize);
 $filecontent = trim($filecontent, ',');
 $filecontent = '['.$filecontent.']';
 $resultArray = json_decode($filecontent);


hope this topic helped you a little bit.


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