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Simple WordPress Tips for Beginners

Learning and working with WordPress is not a difficult issue. But sometime maintaining a few things can prevent much upcoming harassment and consume your time. Today i am going to discuss about some techniques that will help you.

Change Permalink:

After installing a WordPress package many people make a common mistake by not changing the permalink. These sometimes create an issue while uploading the package from local to live server. Another thing about permalink is setting the permalink by postname is always SEO friendly.

Database Prefix:

Always try to select a random text or word for database prefix in time of installing WordPress. It is a good practice to remain the database tables unknown after knowing the WordPress table structure.

Search Engine Visibility:

While on testing site go to Settings > Reading and check the box search engine visibility box.

Again, unchecked the box to make the site discover able by search engine while on making the site live. This will help you to get a better site rating.

Plugins and Widgets:

In case of using plugins and widgets you have to be careful about one thing.  While using a widget in your local theme or any testing site it may not appear on your live site. So don’t panic about that matter, again select the widgets data. It is an easy solution.

In case of using plugins you have to remember one thing that using  a lot of plugins can make your job easier but in other case it also increase the load time of your site. So be careful about using plugins. Try to make your own plugins, widgets and short-codes in spite of using other’s, for small purpose works.

Try to keep a good knowledge on some common plugins that needs frequently. That way you can customize them easily.

Links and Redirection:

Sometimes it is needed to create some posts or pages for development issues which may appear in the browser or in the front end on preview. So be careful to redirect those pages or posts to other page for avoiding this. One thing to always remember that broken links, empty links area not good things for a site so avoid it.

Templates and Loops:

Try to use WordPress loops in templates to prevent code repetition in your template. In that way your code will be optimized.

WP Libraries and Functions:

Using proper functions and query is another important thing to get the highest performance from a WordPress system. Don’t create any function or code that is already in WordPress codex site. Try to use WordPress built in function before creating any of yours. In that way your security issues are up to WordPress and can also be handled easily next time. Also try to execute WordPress query rules for the same purpose. Make plugins of your useful function that you often use a lot.

Coding Standards:

For developing a good theme you must have to follow the WordPress coding standards for CSS, HTML and PHP. Though it is not necessary for a person to maintain this but doing is the best way. Also try to use a lot and useful comments for your betterment. Because, after completing a project you may not remember quickly what have you written in that portion of code. So it is best for you to comment the codes. In that way you do not have to search the code later on the same problem.


Always be careful about security issues. It is a good practice to code in a manner that it remains secure. Always use safe URLS while showing the data. Prevent user from input malicious data for your security. Prevent direct access to your files and always use nonce values for database safety.

Some Useful Tools:

There are some useful tools that will help you to use your WordPress website in live with a lot of flexibility. Always use a spam tool to get protection from spams. A SEO friendly tool to preview your posts in a way that search engine sees it. Use Media plugin for getting connected to social Medias and image gallery for displaying ads and galleries.

Hope this helped you.


I picked PHP and JavaScript as a career start-up and developed a lot of applications using these. Like Management Application, Web Scrapping, Web API, E-Commerce Solutions, Finance Application etc. Outside of my professional life, I also do projects and code for reputation and my personal portfolio.

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